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  • NBCU Makes a Bold Move

    NBCU announced a reorg of it’s ad sales division today creating a more streamlined process for advertisers to reach their target audiences. Well done NBCU! When will the rest follow suit?

  • inMarket’s Quantum Receptivity

    inMarket has announced it’s newest innovation, Quantum Receptivity. It utilizes Beacons in order to track consumer’s patterns over time, creating a guide as to what day of the week individuals go to specific stores so that advertisers may push mess...

  • Pulling Pigtails: The Truth About the State of the Ad Industry

    As I was reading the multitude of reactions to the ANA’s latest Media Transparency Report, I couldn’t help but be taken back to the days of hammer pants, pizza Fridays, relay races and the playground. One article published in Ad Age stated very bol...

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