About The Company



Our mission is to deliver fresh, bold and innovative campaigns that will drive lasting emotional connections with our client’s consumers.


We believe in immersing ourselves into the lives of your consumer so that we may take them on a journey. From telling the brand story, to creating an emotional connection, to embedding the product into their lives, we ensure that your brand becomes a part of them.


Victoria Smith

Founder & CEO

“I formed VMI with a specific goal in mind, to breakaway from the traditional agency structure, providing businesses of all size with access to the best resources available. Large agencies are too expensive for small and mid-size businesses; while local agencies are not always up to speed on the latest advances. I believe that regardless of size, all businesses deserve access to the same resources. VMI can give that to them.”


Victoria is an accomplished advertising professional with a long track record of creating successful advertising campaigns. In her 15+ year tenure she has worked for the industry giants, Clear Channel, CBS and Rovi. She has created and managed campaigns for top tier advertisers including Corona, General Motors, Verizon, Comcast, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, Disney and Ford.


With a strong passion for analytics, Victoria is drawn to emerging technologies. In her time at Rovi she launched some of the first advertisements in the US on the Sony and Samsung connected television sets; as well as some of the first interactive portals within television guides. Her work has garnered her a reputation of being a leader within the advertising industry.


We know how to uncover the niche needs of a target market, determine the essence of your brand’s unique sales proposition, and craft this into solutions that keep your brand front-of-mind to your consumers.


If you’re not keeping score, how do you know if you’re winning? We help our clients gain a deep understanding of the impact of their campaign and how that translates into real KPIs that drive future success.


You are as much a part of our organization as we are of yours. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, to provide consistent, reliable and effective strategies for the brands we represent.

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