Broadcast Affiliate Sales Partners with Vigeo Marketing

18 Aug Broadcast Affiliate Sales Partners with Vigeo Marketing

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas, 8/1/2017 РOwner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales, Mike Tyler enters into a partnership with Vigeo Marketing Intelligence to handle advertising sales. VMI has a strong track record of representing advertising inventory for syndicated programming, securing revenue from     national advertisers that the programs would not traditionally receive.


IMG_5475Victoria Smith, Founder and CEO of VMI said, “I am thrilled for Vigeo Marketing to be working with Broadcast Affiliate Sales in order to help syndicators monetize their advertising inventory. There are so many amazing programs out there that have loyal audiences and strong affiliate lists that are overlooked by advertisers. The radio market has been dominated by the same corporate players for so long, that it can difficult for some programs to receive the recognition that they deserve. Our mission is to provide syndicators with a platform where they may efficiently grow both their distribution¬†and advertising revenue, so that they may focus one-hundred percent of their efforts on developing and delivering quality programing.”


Victoria Smith went on to say, “I formed VMI with a specific goal in mind, to breakaway from the traditional corporate structure, to provide businesses of all sizes with access to the very best resources available. Nothing pleases me more than to help someone that is following their passion to succeed. In the day of digital, we no longer have to be reliant upon major syndicators, the audience is there for the taking. Whether a show is successful on-air, online or both, VMI is dedicated to help increase their bottom line. ”


“This is a pMike-Tylererfect partnership that will truly benefit syndicators, radio networks and our soon to be unwired network. As a Partner in Fishnet Syndication, I understand the needs of syndicators who provide programming in all size markets. PI’s are a great source of income for syndicators in small markets, but with the efforts of VMI they will begin to receive income from paying advertisers. We both believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, to provide consistent, reliable and effective strategies that benefit both the advertiser and the syndicator. This is a perfect partnership. ” said Owner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales and Partner in Fishnet Syndication, Mike Tyler.


About Vigeo Marketing:

Vigeo Marketing Intelligence, Inc is an advertising firm based in New York City. Founded in 2007, VMI has a focus on advertising sales representation. They currently work with radio networks, syndicated programming, out of home media, digital media properties and celebrity events. The Founder, Victoria Smith, is an accomplished advertising professional with a long track record of creating successful advertising campaigns. In her 17+ year tenure she has worked for the industry giants, Clear Channel, CBS and Rovi. She has created and managed campaigns for top tier advertisers including Corona, General Motors, Verizon, Comcast, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, and Disney.

About Broadcast Affiliate Sales:

Owner and Founder of Broadcast Affiliate Sales Mike Tyler, has spent the majority of his life in broadcasting. Mike has held several titles in the broadcasting industry, including serving on the National Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors. Currently Mike is Owner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales and a Partner in Fishnet Syndication which manages more than 20 show and 700 affiliate radio stations.

Media Contact:
Name: Mike Tyler
Title: Owner Broadcast Affiliate Sales
Phone: 214-281-8473
Email address: [email protected]

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